Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Journals and Squids [Intro to the Fall anime]

So a little while ago my friend recommended I write covers of the weekly anime releases. I thought about it for a bit and finally decided to go for it. Everything will most likely be modified in the future, but if you think of something that you'd like to read about them, for me to include, or something to improve my blog don't be afraid to holler at me. I recently re-watched Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka which is rare for me as I'm not keen to re-watching things (besides Scott Pilgrim that is). It was surprisingly funny still, and I found myself looking forward to hearing some jokes I remembered, again. I REALLY can't wait till Season 2 which I've heard will be packed in with the winter anime season and I will be preceding to write a review for Season 1 sometime this week. Well I have to say, "Your welcome!" for my big wall of text, but without further adieu here's the juicy stuff.
I'll start this off with Mirai Nikki as it aired episode 1 this weekend. It seems like its going to be more on the psychological side of anime. Basically, it's about a loner who makes up characters in his imagination and journals them on his cellphone. One of the characters, Dues Ex, is the god of space and time and decides to give his and a couple other people's journals the ability to predict the future, starting a survival game. The last one living becomes the new god of space and time. He partners with another journal bearer- a girl who ends up being his stalker- and takes down the 3rd bearer who is a serial killer. Anyways it seems Mirai Nikki will be full of thrills but somewhat dark.
Now on to the second anime. After realizing how much i wrote on the first if you are still reading this I must give you credit, I don't intend for them to be this long normally, but if they weren't no one would understand what these anime are about. So next, as the title implies, is Shinryaku!? Ika Musume 2nd Season. In case you didn't see the the first season, here's a brief overview: A squid girl (Ika Musume) comes from the ocean to invade humanity for polluting the ocean ... Well her plans are thwarted within the first episode, and it continues on with her failed attempts as she begins to work for a restaurant on the beach. It's basically a slice of life anime with a unique twist and to be honest, it's darn cute! The second season continues the antics of the first and its still quite funny. Each episode is divided into smaller parts and although there is no apparent story-line, it's pretty funny and can cheer you up.
     Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle, all I can say is, "I have high expectations." So far it seems very interesting; it is about a genius puzzle solver who solves a labyrinth and gains "the band of Orpheus"  which unlocks his brain's true potential. So far they've shown many very interesting puzzles, but I do hold one concern. What if they run out? I mean sure there are thousands upon millions of puzzles but I don't know how many mazes I could stand. It seems (based on the opening) that the main character is going to make a party of solvers and challenge the Divine Puzzle. If you couldn't follow any of that, the group POG makes puzzles to hide treasures and Solvers challenge said puzzles. It really hope this anime turns out well. So far they've solver a Traffic puzzle and a number of other small ones. One thing I thought was funny, was that I solver the traffic puzzle faster than the Solver in episode 2.
    Next up Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Now I will tell you without holding back, the first episode was BADASS! The different fighting styles and characters in an all out war blew my mind. The second episode...not so great. All though there was a good action scene and some plot development, aside from that it stunk of a filler episode that was only mildly funny. But alas I still think it will prosper if the next episode is anything like the first. It seemes almost like Baka no Test to Shoukanjuu on steroids. It's about a school that has martial arts battles in order to quell disputes. Though it seems the plot might stray a little bit from that (not in a bad way.)
    Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon seems to be slowly setting up the basis for its story. The second episode explains the current state of the world, while the first is silly and shows a lot of combat. To be honest, I really don't know what to expect! However it may be very good and the development thus far seems promising enough to keep me waiting for the next episode (no matter how long it takes to get translated ... a looooong time.) I didn't fully understand the plot, but it seems that it's about a world that fell through to another dimension and they are trying to get back by rewriting history? I hope it will become clearer soon!
    shocked me a lot in its second episode. The first episode gave me the feeling it was going to be a school life anime. My mind was all Laadydadyda and then BAM! The second episode hit me like a frikin train! It quickly turned from a happy, school life to a dark, psychological, actiony anime. C cubed is about a boy who's father sends him a mysterious cube that turns out to be a little girl? Its not presented until the second episode that his friend is also really a weapon and it's quite strange when you find it out. It's almost as if the writer changed his mind about what he wanted to write! On this one I, again, really don't know whether I'll like it or not. But I hope for the best!
     Ok... there are so many anime that I will write another blog for the rest. Over time I will stop watching some if they start to suck, so expect less covers.

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